Finding inspiration …

I’ve just come in from sitting on a breakwater on a secluded beach 10 minutes from my home. I find the sea an absolute inspiration to live near. Whenever I’m stuck with a script, or need the space to mull over some ideas, I’ll go and stare at the sea. Honestly, I can’t live too far from the shoreline or it screws around with my creativity. I tried it when living in London, but staring at a little sandy alcove nestled on the banks of the Thames near London Bridge just didn’t have the same impact as standing on Mt Martha beach and seeing the bay stretch to the horizon. (Funny, that!)

My mother has always been the same – in fact, I think I inherited that gene from her (along with a few others, I’m proud to say!). The image above is one of her photos, taken from her website Coastscapes Victoria – – which was taken on the Bass Coast (a favourite holiday spot).

Of course, all this clean sea water and unblemished beaches could be a thing of the past if the Victorian Government get their way. They’ve already done a trial dredging of the Bay where they dumped so much excess silt and sand from the dredging on Mt Martha Beach it looked like a war zone. And now … well, now we wait to see if they’re going to do the full dredge and completely f**k up the environment down here – because the locals’ opinions obviously don’t matter, as they’ve pretty much ignored every protest – scientific, practical, emotional or otherwise.

Gee, that World Heritage UN listing as the world’s first Urban Bio-sphere that was awarded to the Mornington Peninsula really helped this area, didn’t it? It obviously caused the Government to pause for thought before ruining one of the most beautiful bays in the land. Apart from the impact it’s had on the fishing communities, it’s also mucking around with the natural currents in the Bay and who wants huge bloody tankers meandering their way through the Heads and taking over the channels anyway? Those damn floating monsters they’re preparing for aren’t even BUILT yet!!

*sigh* So much for feeling relaxed and inspired.


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