Fanzones, internet sitcoms and UK stand up comics

Sally McLeanWell, it’s the fifth day of the new year already (here in Australia anyway) and I’m still typing “2006” when entering dates. It’s a ritual that I go through every year and it takes me about ten days to stop using the old and bring in the new. So, I may be another year into my life, but it’s nice to know that some things don’t change.

It’s been a hectic start to the New Year – from an acting perspective I’ve been preparing for a role in an Internet sitcom (details are under wraps until it’s launch later this year), learning lines and all that, which has had to be done in-between putting together Alan Fletcher’s new Fanzone in time for his debut on Soapstar Superstar, which starts on ITV1 tonight (UK time) at 8.30pm. (For any Americans reading this – Alan plays “Dr Karl Kennedy” on the Australian soap Neighbours as well as fronting the band “Waiting Room” – check out his profile here – that’s him pictured here on the right).

Designing Fletch’s new site has been a bit of a blast really – I always get desperate to change the design of a site after a while and now that I’ve been designing for him for nearly four years, my brain rejoiced in the burst of creativity I got to indulge in. Of course, the primary site now needs an overhaul, but that’s for next month.

Having known Fletch for a very long time (he was originally my headshot photographer when I first started in the biz – his “other” job at the time, before he got so hugely busy with his own acting and singing career – which was about 15 years ago), I tend to take a lot of care in my work for him and attempt to make the site as individual and interesting as possible. Well, I do this with all my web clients, but when they’re people you get along with as well, it makes it that much easier!

Another friend of mine has just hired me to do his site – Alistair Barrie (UK stand up comic and actor, pictured on the left) – for his upcoming European and British Isles tour. I’m actually enjoying that one as well – I love designing for fellow actors, we usually end up being on the same wavelength and the styles can be fairly diverse from person to person, so there’s always something different for my brain to comprehend from the technical to the creative. As I’ve discovered I use both sides of my brain in equal measure, this is the perfect situation for me.

I’m trying to find some video of Alistair to share with all of you – you can catch a short clip of him on “The World Stands Up” (the BBC America/Paramount stand up comedy series that aired last year – that’s 2006) – check out their MySpace profile here (he’s on at the very beginning of the clip called “The World Stands Up”, their trailer, on their profile page).

He’s a very funny man and been my best friend for longer than either of us care to remember (okay, we’re going on for ten years. See Al? I’ve claimed you … finally!). You’ll see him in the first clip on my acting reel – playing my ex-boyfriend in A Little Rain Must Fall – click here to see it – boy, was that an intense day of filming! I’m still carrying the emotional scars

He will be joining the community in the next few weeks, so at least we’ll each have more than Tom as our listed friend! Not that I’m not appreciative, Tom. (Actually, Al will have quite a few listed ‘friends’ – half the British stand up fraternity seem to be on there!).

So, now I’m off to learn some more lines, so it’s been great chatting with you all and see you in the next installment!

Sally x

PS – If you’re in the UK, don’t forget to vote for Alan Fletcher in Soapstar Superstar – the official site should have all the details:


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