Work, work and more work

Sally McLeanI really tried to think of a more creative title to this blog, honestly, but I’m discovering after working for the past few days in the production office for one of the biggest shows to hit our shores (or at least, that’s how the publicity blurb goes), my brain is still reeling, I’m getting square eyes from sitting at a computer all day and am barely able to string a proper sentence together, let alone find the creative juice to come up with a catchy blog title. So, as work is dominating my life at the moment, so it dominates this blog and it’s title.

Not that I’m complaining. Absolutely NOT complaining. Getting any kind of work in this industry is a FANTASTIC thing, and while I’d prefer it to be in front of the camera, I’m very happy to step behind it as well, if it means some dollars in my pocket and the chance to work with a group of dedicated, diverse and talented human beings. Which I am. So it’s all good.

I’ve also tried to be more of a regular blogger, but I’m discovering that being at a computer all day, then doing the same thing at night, is rather a stretch, so tonight is the first time I’ve felt up to actually spending any length of time at the keyboard in my “spare” time (which, in between the day job of Production/Casting/Research Assistant and the evening job of Web Designer, is rather limited!).

I have, however, found time to put some more t-shirts into my ONLINE STORE. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and for all those who shudder at the thought of such an overly sentimental occasion, there are some Anti-Valentine’s Day items just for you. (There are some normal Valentine’s Day ones too, but the Anti ones are more fun!).

With sayings like: “Sure, I’ll celebrate a day dedicated to a martyr who was beaten to death and decapitated. Happy Valentine’s Day.” and “Happy Slave to Commercialize Love Day”, there’s something for everyone … drop by to see all the designs on offer

Later …

Sorry, just got called away from the computer by a shout from the direction of the television (which was my boyfriend yelling “Fink is on TV!!”).

Now, for those who aren’t in the know, which will be a fair few of you, “Fink!” is an Australian film which my boyfriend, Julian, worked on as 2nd AD (during production) and I worked on as casting consultant (waaay back when the film was in early development).

The film took ages to complete and we thought it had got lost in post-production hell, so Julian seeing it on television came as a huge shock to both of us. So, we dutifully sat through the whole film (and I say “dutifully” with meaning, although Sam Worthington was great, as was Johnny Boxer and a couple of other actors I don’t know as I wasn’t involved in the final months of casting rounds, due to having to move onto another project) … then we get to the credits. Julian gets his 2nd AD credit, as he should, but I seem to have been dropped from the list (not even a “thank you”). Ah well, that’s showbiz. (We’ve just sent a text to the producer asking if we can get paid now …)

Hope all are well and that you’re having a nice (and acknowledged) day.

Sal x


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