Off to the BAFTAs, a thank you and welcoming

Sally McLeanWell, what a week it’s been! Busy with work (as you may have already got from the previous blog), then the really exciting news came that I’ve been invited to attend this year’s BAFTA FILM AWARDS in London on February 11! Needless to say, a scramble then occured to get airline tickets booked, find my passport and then – the truly difficult thing – decide what dress to wear.

The tickets are now booked (thanks to my wonderful boyfriend Julian who has arranged everything – I couldn’t, truthfully, have got it together without him in such a short time). The passport turned out to be expired, so I have to renew it, but I have been assured it can be done in three working days (if I pay an extra $75 dollars for the privilage), the dress, however, is still being decided (or should I say debated?) on.

It’s ludicrious, really. It should be harder to get a flight and accommodation on short notice, but I’ve discovered that that part was relatively easy (well, okay, it was only easy because Julian had the time to search out all the info and book it, so I can’t claim credit there) – annoyingly (because I’m not really a “girly” kind of gal), it’s the hair and dress that’s proving to be the issue. Hairstyle will be determined by dress, so the dress must be decided on first. I’ve gone through my wardrobe and there is a gun-metal grey number with diamonte straps that is a definite possibility (I even have the matching shoes), but is it too much, not enough, fit properly, right style????

I have discovered that I probably need a stylist. Or at least someone who can make these kind of decisions for me. I’m an Aries, we normally know right away what to do and what choice to make, but I’m dithering on this one and should probably get an outside, professional opinion. So, if anyone reading this is a stylist based in Melbourne, or a fashion designer who makes classy, simple dresses and would like the chance to see one of them at the BAFTAs – get in touch!

And, finally, I’d like to direct everyone to the MySpace profile of the wonderful and talented director, Richard Sarell, who can be found HERE. Richard has been my teacher (and strong supporter) for the past couple of years and runs the highly successful Rehearsal Room – a fantastic series of acting classes, based in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia). Go and have a look, and if you’re in the area, make sure you take a couple of his classes – it will really change your perspective on the acting process.

Have a lovely, surprising and exciting day!

Sal x


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