BAFTA dress decided on … nearly, and friends of the red-head & real variety

Sally McLeanYes, the dress debate continues, but I’m now down to two choices – the gun metal grey and a black number (same style, more simple). Thanks to AMY for her helpful suggestions on where else to get inspiration … once I’m back from my passport appointment tomorrow, I’ll definitely follow up on those! And thanks, Amy, for the offer of a shopping buddy while I’m over there. My schedule is pretty hectic, and still being shifted around, but once I get clear on what I’m doing each day, I’ll see if I can create a gap to at least catch up and have a coffee! It would be lovely to meet you in person!

And thank you to Sonya for her lovely comments as well! You’re ace Sonz! Speaking of which, I actually forgot to mention Sonya’s another “real” friend who I’m sadly seeing more of on MySpace than in real life, but any contact is good contact! Sonya is a wonderfully talented fellow red-head actress, based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia who is impossibly willowy and elegant and lovely to work with. We both did “The Auxiliary” together in October 2005 for Phrankly Theatre and unfortunately our paths haven’t crossed professionally again – yet, but I look forward to the time when they do! Check out her tasteful MySpace profile HERE.

And, while I’m at it, another “real” friend has joined the MySpace phenomenon – UK actor/comic, Alistair Barrie (who featured in my first blog) and is another red-head (there are more of us than you realise!). Al also finally has his own website – – but that isn’t likely to be “live” until later in the week, so I’ll post about that when there’s something to see. To see Al’s simple, yet elegant (well, I think so – then again, I did it for him, so I’m a little biased!) MySpace profile go HERE.

I also just quickly want to acknowledge ANDREA – another acting colleague (we did a term of The Rehearsal Room Masterclass together and she is now also with my Australian agent, L’Abbett Artists Management, being looked after by the lovely Alison), who is another wonderful actress in Melbourne. She had a really sexy profile picture before, but the current one is very cute (she really is a gorgeous gal – and, although she’s not a red-head, she’s got a few of the traits – in a good way!).

And finally, the fabulous GARY BOULTER is another Aussie actor (this time based in Sydney), who has a prolific acting career and is going from strength to strength. You can see a huge selection of clips of his work at his MySpace profile HERE. He’s married to a red-head, so he’s a member of our elite group by association!

Now that I’ve championed the case of interesting red-heads, and associated others, onto more subdued thoughts …

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