Landed in London in one piece – tonight the BAFTAS!

Sally McLeanWell, arrived in London yesterday, no worse for wear (although the plane trip was a little exhausting – being in the air for 23 hours will do that to you!)

Was met at the airport by my lovely friend Claire, who lives in a lovely part of London, and took very good care of me as I proceeded to tend to my swollen ankles and weird “the walls are moving” kind of jetlag, while trying to stay awake and get on UK time.

But that was yesterday and today – it’s the BAFTAS! So, as I sit here, in my hair rollers and face mask, about to get the make up done and dress on, I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who’s been so supportive and written such lovely notes via email. I’m loving being back in London and really looking forward to tonight (although am a little nervous about walking the red carpet and hoping that it isn’t going to rain!!)

I believe the whole thing’s being covered by BBC1 (and on the E! channel), so watch if you can – it should be a really entertaining night!

I’ll post again tomorrow to let you know all about the night!

Hope you’re having a fun and exciting day,

Sal x


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