An apology and final BAFTA mention

Sally McLeanI’ve landed back in Oz after my insanely crazy UK trip, still reeling from the experience of flying around the world twice in a week, but having loved every minute of it.

I also have to make an apology to Andrea, who emailed me to say that she’d been yelling at me from the sidelines at the BAFTAS red carpet and I didn’t come over to say hello. She’d even brought something for me to sign. While I’ve apologised to her privately, I’m also making a public apology for not realising that the “Sally” I heard being called for was, in fact, me.

I just didn’t think that anyone in the UK would know who I was, so I presumed there must have been another, more famous, Sally on the carpet at the same time. Sorry Andrea!! It would have been lovely to meet you! And sorry to the friends you brought with you as well!!

And I promise I won’t mention the BAFTAS again in this blog. Well, not until next year, anyway!


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