“Oh, I am fortune’s fool!”

Sally McLeanThe above quote is from “Romeo and Juliet” and is summing up how I’m feeling right now.

Yesterday was fine (the day after surgery). The jaws were a little sore, but I figured that was normal. Then, this morning, the ache began to burn a little. Didn’t think that was normal, but figured that maybe it was because the salt water was a little heavier on the salt today due to my tipping a little too much into the water.

By lunchtime (pumpkin soup, by the way), the ache had got a little more intense and the face started to swell. No bruising at all – hasn’t been any, don’t expect any – but wasn’t sure about the swelling.

My lovely agent then rang with an audition for me for tomorrow, and I had to break the news that I probably wasn’t in the best shape, facially, to be auditioning for the American market. She was great about it, and said that she’d already explained to the director concerned that I was unlikely to be able to make it, due to having teeth extracted only three days before, but I was really annoyed with the situation.

Warning: the next bit may be a bit gross, so skip this post if you don’t like reading about even mildly unpleasant medical stuff.

The afternoon passed by, the ache got worse. Half an hour ago I then got a torch and had a look at the lower jaw (which was giving the most trouble) and noticed what looked like a small white lump on the site of the tooth extraction.

Panic. I will admit, there was panic. First thought was infection. Really hoped I wouldn’t get any infection, but there you have it – must be infection. Great.

Tried to ring the dentist, but of course, dentist is now closed. Can’t leave a message – have to ring back in the morning. Stupid. Should have checked the mouth with a torch this morning when I first noticed the change.

Am now going to bed so I don’t have to think about infections and teeth.

Let you know what is going on in the morning.

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