“Et tu, Brute?”

Sally McLeanYes, the famous quote from “Julius Caesar” by Shakespeare, sums up how I feel about my mouth in general.

Yes, it’s an infection – a mild one, but still an infection. I’ve been a good girl and kept the extraction sites clean as possible, but it’s still managed to get infected. I know this is normal and I know that it isn’t the end of the world, but it would have been nice to sail through this whole experience as trouble-free as possible, however, that’s not to be.

Went back to the dentist today – saw another dentist to my usual one, got a bit of a lecture about taking care of my mouth, which I will admit I argued with somewhat, as I resented the assumption that I hadn’t been. She then put a clove paste on both extraction sites (tasted disgusting and felt a little bit medieval to me, but, then again, I’m all for herbal and natural remedies – however am grateful they’ve moved on from using it as an anesthetic, as while it may numb the area somewhat, local anesthetic is much more effective), wrote out a prescription for antibiotics and sent me on my way with strict instructions to keep up the salt water rinses and not to dislodge the clove paste for as long as possible.

It reminded me of my grandmother putting clove buds on my teeth when I was very small and teething – only the taste was much worse.

I decided to look up the properties of cloves to get an understanding of why it was so important to keep this paste/compress on the extraction sites – and what it would do to me should I inadvertently swallow it.

On the whole, according to the research I’ve done, cloves can be very good for you. However, they shouldn’t be taken in large doses as they can cause kidney issues (1) – comforting thought, especially as the dentist also suggested using nurofen plus – which allegedly can also cause issues with kidneys with overuse (2).

Am now grateful that my chiropractor recommended the use of Arnica (3) to help with bruising and swelling and my naturopath suggested Olive Leaf extract (4) and Echinacea (5) to help boost the immune system. Maybe I should have been taking it more religiously since last week, as instructed, and I could have avoided all this drama.

Interestingly, the Olive Leaf is the first botanical to be mentioned in the Bible (6). Think about it … what did the dove Noah spotted at the receding of the flood have in it’s mouth? Yep, an Olive branch. Same thing they used as a laurel for the Olympic Champions in Ancient Greece. Been around a while – and been used as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant since the times of the Ancient Greeks. Apparently the Egyptians first used it – to mummify their kings. While I don’t intend putting it to that kind of use, its comforting to know that it has thousands of years worth of clinical trials to back it up.

So, as I have to have the other two wisdom teeth out in just under a fortnight, I think I’ll be taking these herbal remedies (and the antibiotics, I’ll use everything at my disposal to rid myself of any unpleasant outcomes from these operations), to build up my immune system and hopefully avoid repeating what happened this time around.

I’ll keep you posted.

On a good bit of news, I’ve finally got my web design site up and running – you’ll find it here: http://www.incognita.com.au/design. The theatre production site is still under development, but I guess that gives me something to do while I’m waiting for my mouth to return to normal.

‘Till next we speak, I hope everyone is enjoying prime health and I hope to be joining you in that prime health very, very soon.

One thought on ““Et tu, Brute?”

  1. Really sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth. And that you have to go through it all again next week. Hope you make a very speedy recovery this time.


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