Our water crisis …

Sally McLeanWe have no water.

I’m not talking globally, or even nationally (although I grant that it’s a growing concern) . I’m talking about our house. Yes, it may seem petty, considering the big issues out there that need to be dealt with, but trust me, when you have no water in your own home, it seems a pretty big issue in it’s own right.

And it’s not because we haven’t paid the bill, or that the drought has finally hit suburban Victoria, no, it’s because this house was built in the earlier part of last century and the pipes are about that old as well and so they’ve sprung a leak in the driveway from the mains, causing our neighbours to get a little soaked, and the only responsible thing to do until a plumber got here was to turn the water off. (See? Even in the midst of our own suffering, we are taking the bigger picture into account).

And you’d think, considering we have no water coming to the house and live in a modern, civilised Western country, that getting a plumber out here to fix it would be relatively painless. Well, you’d be wrong. We’re going onto day five here and we still haven’t got one out to fix the problem. Okay, so it isn’t a matter of life and death, and we can just turn the water on if we want a shower or have to flush the loo, and then turn it off again, but c’mon people!!! We’re trying to do the right thing and conserve water that would otherwise be cascading down our neighbour’s driveway!! Doesn’t that earn us some brownie points in the Plumber stakes??!!

Obviously not.

And I’m not sure what my neighbour is more concerned about – having his driveway turn into Niagara Falls or seeing me every morning in my pajamas running down the driveway to the road to turn the mains tap on and then reappearing ten minutes later in my dressing gown to turn it off again.

A plumber is supposed to be coming out here this afternoon. Mind you, three other plumbers were supposed to turn up and didn’t, so I’m hoping that it’s fourth time lucky.

Whatever happened to the customer coming first?

(Oh, and thanks to those who asked about my wisdom teeth – all healed and happy, and ready to go through it all again this Saturday with the remaining two).


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