Full Moons, eclipses and other general madness …

Sally McLeanWell, as I must have been living under a rock for the past week, I was unaware that a full moon eclipse will be occurring tonight between 7.53pm and 8.51pm (AEST), but now that I do know about it, it explains a lot!

Firstly, we didn’t get the water fixed at the house until Saturday afternoon. The plumbing business who were supposed to be dealing with it, mucked around and mucked around until they managed to cut all water off to the house completely. That was on Thursday.

They said they’d come and see what they could do on Friday (charging us again, OF COURSE). But once they turned up on Friday, they announced that there was nothing they could do, the system was too old and the whole thing had to be replaced – for a lot more money, of course.

When my mother begged them to do something in the interim to restore the mains water to the house, the owner was completely patronising and very rude, insisted that the problem hadn’t been caused by them (well, I’d like to know who he thought had caused it – as they were the only plumbers we’d had go near the damn system!), and refused to do any emergency measures, saying that we’d have to get the whole thing replaced as there were no quick fix solutions to the problem.

As a result, Friday night was a dark and upsetting one, until my mother thought of one of our local firemen, who also happens to be a plumber, that she trained in First Aid. She immediately rang the fabulous Peter, who happily agreed to come out and have a look on Saturday morning.

Saturday dawned, bringing Peter with it. He took one look at the botched job the previous plumbers had done, got a length of plumbing, tubing stuff and clamps and other plumber-type-things, cut off the mains from the old system, put the tubing and clamps, etc onto the pipe, ran it up the garden and under the house, attached it to the house mains and voila! Water to the house (with even better pressure than the old system had). And it took him all of half an hour. Brilliant, brilliant man.

Needless to say, we’re getting him back to put the new system underground – so he’ll be getting the money that the other unhelpful and rude plumber who refused to do the simple fix was angling for.

Enough said about that.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s eclipse (now that I know about it), as I’m expecting that it signals the end of less happier times and will be the herald for bigger and better things to come.

A kind of morose statement, in a way, I know, but take into consideration that I’ve had my second lot of wisdom teeth out, and got another infection (this time a rather nasty one, which is making me very tired). So, I’m allowed to be feeling a little out of sorts. It won’t last long (it never does with me – one of the blessings of being an Aries – we tend to move on from things fairly quickly), but it’s how I’m feeling today. A little kooky, a little riled and slightly in pain.

But this too, will pass …

I think I’ll watch the eclipse tonight, as we’re in Southern Victoria we should get a good view. That will make me feel better (and make this past week just seem like a petty memory).

Nothing like staring at the heavens to help you remember that we’re just tiny brush strokes on a much bigger canvas …

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