Pitching for Success – how to create a successful pitch for your movie


Only a quick post today … I have a STACK of web design work that I’m WAAAY behind on due to various reasons (see previous blogs for details).

A quick Oz political wrap up for today:

APEC is finally over and the so-called decision reached on climate change was, according to Bob Brown, leader of the Greens, “just hot air” (which I sadly agree with – they had the chance to do something truly useful and blew it, ‘scuse the pun, once again). See the ABC’s report here.

And what was with those Drizabone outfits!?!? One fashion commentator said it left our world leaders “looking like something washed up from an estuary.” LOL. See a photo and article here (courtesy of Inquirer.net)

Peter Beattie resigned today as Queensland Premier, saying he’ll leave his post on Thursday due to being “well and truly over” politics (oh Pete, we feel your pain there!) Looks like a woman will be in charge now – yay for us girls! (see story in The Age for more details – here.)

And Labour are 14% up from the Liberals in today’s polls (no surprises there, then).

In entertainment news, what was with Britney Spears at the MTV music awards???

Not only did she perform in her underwear (who is her current stylist?? They should be fired, whoever they are), she did the worst kind of lip-synching I’ve ever seen! This was supposed to be her big comeback, wasn’t it? ‘Nuff said, really.

In a totally unrelated note, I’ve just put up a new Squidoo Lens: “Pitching for Success – how to create a successful pitch for your movie”. Yep, getting a bit addicted, but as I’ve got an archive of about 25 articles, I may as well put them to some use!

Here’s the blurb and link:

Squidoo lens for emerging film producers on how to create a pitch to sell your movie idea to those who can make it happen. Includes a links to other pitching resources and books for further reading.

read more | digg story

That’s it from me today … no rest for the wicked!

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