Halloween is coming, that’s a given …

… if my week is anything to go by.

I’m not really complaining, but it’s been a strange few days, full of miscommunication and crossed wires.

And it’s not just me suffering whatever effects the planets are dealing out right now. Peter Costello (our current Federal Treasurer, who really wants to be PM, but that’s another – and very old – story), had a major slip of the tongue yesterday during Parliment Question Time when he announced that it would be the last Question Time before the election. He quickly corrected himself, stating that it COULD be, but, by then, the black cat was out of the bag.

Not that I think I have anything in common with Mr Costello, but I too have been having a series of “slip of the tongues” over the past week. Some have got me into trouble, some have just been funny, but I’m hoping that it isn’t a permanent state of affairs (a bit like the state of our Government right now).

Despite all that, I’ve been distracting myself with designs for the Incognita Store with the theme of – you guessed it – Halloween. There are now 18 designs up there and counting. I’ve included a showcase of them below for your enjoyment – these designs are available on more than just black t-shirts, but I thought, being Halloween and all … you can click on the images to see the full product range for each design – if you like 😉 – there are t-shirts, buttons, magnets, coasters, hats, caps … you name it, it’s likely to be there …


And that’s it for today – yes, I know BORING.

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