Slings and Arrows …

I’ve had a really strange week. Things have gone haywire on many levels (yes, I know I covered this in my last post, but it continued right up to today, and this is my blog, so I’m entitled to whinge, okay??) But it seems to be leveling out now, so we can only go up from here.

How was Dr Who last night??!?! Okay, so you Brits reading this will have seen last night’s ep months ago, but us poor Aussies only just got to see it – and wasn’t it worth the wait!?! I’m loving this new series and it is the first time I’ve ever seriously considered writing a fan letter to an executive producer (Russell T. Davies). Seriously.

I do have to say that David Tennant is just brilliant as the Doctor as well. I can’t wait for the next series to start airing over here. Anyone know when that will be?

Beware Understudies Bearing GiftsSpeaking of actors, I’ve been a little more inspired recently and added another design to Incognita – “Beware Understudies Bearing Gifts“. I think it’s funny, and relevant, considering the various stories I’ve been hearing lately about understudies trying to knock their leading ladies and gents out of the competition.

(However, when I was understudying, I had the joy of a leading lady who WANTED to give me performances – and I ended up doing three of the seven performances a week anyway, so I have no personal experience of this kind of thing. Truly.)

On the subject of t-shirts and timely designs – I’ve got to pass on a brilliant Halloween t-shirt site to you all, not because they’ve featured one of my Halloween designs – well, not really 😉 , it’s mainly because they have over 100,000 Halloween designs on lots of different t-shirt styles available to purchase!!!! So, if you can’t find something there to wear for this spooky season, then you are REALLY are hard to please! Here’s the link: Have fun browsing! And buying, of course 😉

Right, back to work on my new Shakespeare shop. Yes, my dears, there is a Shakespeare shop in the works … more on that when I’m ready to announce the grand opening … stay tuned!


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