George Carlin message

Life is still insane and hectic – hence the continuing sporadic nature of my blog posts. Many things on the go – only so much that I can talk publicly about, so therefore not much to report … yet. I feel like I’m waiting, treading water in a way. But it’s not an uncomfortable feeling … just an unusual one. Like I’m on the brink of something wonderful.

On a related subject, about week or so ago, during a phone conversation with my fabulously talented mate, Tor Hyams (see previous post), who is working just as hard as I am on a wide range of creative projects, he mentioned this fantastic message from the late George Carlin, which he came across and has since posted on his blog.

It is well worth a read to remind us of what is truly important. I recommend you print it out, put it up somewhere and look at it daily. I have and do: /2008/06/in-memory-of-george-carlin.html


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