Being grateful should be a natural state of being

Things have been a little weird these past few days. Kinda good, kinda bad, kinda somewhere in the middle.

The one thing I’ve learned from the string of odd, sometimes upsetting, but always educational events that have taken place in the last 48 hours is that I am extremely grateful for everything I have. But most particularly I am so very grateful for the people in my life – my friends.

I have the most wonderful group of close friends – not huge in number, but big in heart – and although they are scattered all around the globe, they still manage to make me feel loved and appreciated and special to them. As they are loved, appreciated and special to me.

So, this is simply a testament to friendship. To those people who may or may not be constantly present in my life on a day to day basis, but are constant. Who are always there for me at a moment’s notice, even if we haven’t spoken for days, weeks, sometimes months. Who make me laugh at life and myself.  Who never judge me, who always care, who walk the two way street with me and accept who I am without reservation.

I am so lucky to have you in my life. You teach me so much and make me a better person just for knowing you.

You know who you are and you know that I love you. So, all that’s left to say is thank you.



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