For we may not pass this way again …

We found out this afternoon that a friend of my mother’s had passed away after a short illness.  The funeral is tomorrow.  The news has naturally upset the family and, again naturally, has given me pause for thought about what we do with our lives and how we effect others in our circle, but also the legacy we leave behind.

What do we want to be remembered for?  Being a good friend, a loving parent, a loyal partner?  Someone who contributed in a positive way to the world and those around us?  Someone who inspired others to be all they could be, didn’t judge and encouraged and supported those in our circle to reach for the stars?  Someone who wasn’t afraid to be themselves, who reveled in life and all it had to offer?  Someone who was honest, true, generous, giving?  Someone who knew how to laugh, how to make others laugh and feel good about themselves?

Have you done something to make someone smile today?

Life is so short.   Live each day as if it were your last.  Cherish those you love, be kind to those you call friend and tell someone you love them right now – for the chance to let someone know you care may not come again.

May you all know love and kindness and may your lives mean something.  Live your dream, reach for the stars and don’t waste a second, for you may not pass this way again.


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