Rider of the Wyld Ways

Not much to share, except this poem, which is reflecting my mood somewhat.

The following poem was also used as the lyrics for “Far a bheil na sith a’ coiseach” (Where the Faeries Walk) for the soundtrack to the film “Brigit & Benny: a modern faerietale” (2005). (I’ll post a link to the track when it’s up on the Brigit & Benny site).


Your journey lies before you
Through the Wild Woods of this world
Where faerie walk with mortals
Amid wonders yet untold

Where eagle flies with dreamers
Stag runs with seekers of lore
And visions of forever
Unfold forevermore

Where salmon dances with mermen
Selkie sings of the sea
And ancestors dwell in the Land of Youth
Among the ancient trees

Where birdsong tells of magick
Wind whispers of legend and myth
And bard and storyteller wander
Collecting tales held dear by the Sidhe.

May your spirit soar with the eagle
In the quiet light of dawn
Your thoughts run free with the stag
In the wood where the oak trees mourn

May your senses swim with the salmon
In the blue shimmer of the sea
May you walk in step with your ancestors
In the Land where the soul dances free.

And as you ride the Wyld Ways, traveler
May you go with grace and light
May you find the truth youโ€™re seeking
In the silver of the night.

May your feet never stumble
Your mind never quail
Your heart never falter
And your dreams never fail.

Poem copyright ยฉ Sally A. McLean 2003

Credits for “Far a bheil na sith a’ coiseach” (Where the Faeries Walk)
Music composed by Yanni Dellaportas.
Lyrics by Sally McLean (with Gaelic Translation by Anne Landin).
Performed in English & Gaelic by Sally McLean.



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