Eating the Lotus

I got asked yesterday why I call my blog “Eating the Lotus”?  Well, number one – it just appealed to me as a title.  Number two, I’m a bit of a history nut, so the story of Odysseus and the Lotus Eaters has always intrigued me.  Number three – the concept that eating the lotus fruit causes a sense of blissful forgetfulness and a dream-like state is certainly what happens to me whenever I meander through the vast network that is the Internet (unless I’m working, of course) – so it just seemed appropriate to call my blog this.

It’s been a creative influence for a while, actually.  I also wrote a book of poems called “Eating The Lotus”, written from 1997 to 2000 (which is scheduled to be published in November this year).  So, keeping in the poetry theme that seems to be creeping in here (hey, I was a published poet at age 15, so it’s a long standing habit!), here’s the short title poem from that book:

Eating The Lotus

And so I ate the lotus,
and thus came to forget,
the joy of love’s pure harmony,
the pain of sweet regret.

And so I left the shell,
the casing of the past,
and waved goodbye to “who-I-was”,
to walk among the stars.

Copyright © S. McLean 2000

Told you it was short.


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