The Chasers in trouble … again

Oh please! What is it with this country? Or, specifically what is it with Buspack, the outdoor ad company responsible for plastering our public transport with external advertising (amongst other things)?

The latest example of out-of-control political correctness (literally) comes in the form of yet another ban on “The Chasers”. You know them, they’re the comedy team who managed to infiltrate the security surrounding the APEC summit last year in Sydney – with a fake Canadian motorcade, security passes that read “Insecurity” (pictured above) and one of the team dressed as Osama bin Laden.  (See my original blog post “Osama hiding in Canada?”)

Yes, they eventually got arrested (only after they’d turned around to leave). And yes, all charges were dropped. But it seems they’re still paying for what is generally acknowledged as one of the funniest stunts we’ve seen in Australian comedy for a very long time.

The latest backlash from that stunt comes from the aforementioned Buspack who are refusing to run The Chasers upcoming ad for their new DVD release next month on Sydney’s State Transit buses because it features the slogan “The only good thing to come out of APEC”, which Buspack have deemed “too political”.

They apparently don’t object to the images that go with the slogan – that of Chas Licciardello dressed as Osama bin Laden waving his obviously bogus APEC security pass from the window of a fake Canadian motorcade.  No, that’s fine.  The fake bit is not a problem.  But the slogan, which I think is actually right on the money, is what has caused the refusal.

Honestly, where has our collective sense of humor gone?  And since when did Australians become so deferencial about politics and politicians?  And what’s so special about APEC anyway?  It’s not like anything really important happened there ten months ago!!  So I say again … oh, please!!

You can read all about it in this Sydney Morning Herald article here.  And maybe a few choice letters to the editor wouldn’t go astray either.  Sheesh!


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