Latest web design update

The Incognita machine continues on it’s merry way with the lastest client to enter our stable – Jambo – real roots music for kids (this makes web client No. 45!)

Who are Jambo?  Jambo is a musical journey that transports you though the roots of American music. One part Mississippi Delta, one part New Orleans street corner, and one part Chicago juke joint, JAMBO is all parts fun. The songs speak to children’s imaginations. They are about growing up, sharing, and the inclusion of all children. They promote self-esteem, independence, and celebrateindividuality. And, of course, some are just about dancing and having fun.

Based in Los Angeles, USA, Jambo consists of “Blues Head” frontman, Steve Pierson (Vocals, Guitar, Slide Guitar), Melinda Leigh (Vocals and Assorted Knick Knacks), Steve “Big Daddy Blue” Gregan (Guitar and Vocals), Mike the Murph (Keyboards), Philip Bynoe (Bass Guitar), Gary Mallaber (Drums) and David Leach (Percussion).

This site was an absolute blast to design.  Steve wanted a fun and colorful site with a LOT of animations and things to click and interact with.  I have to say that I spent a lot of nights burning the midnight oil on this one, and pushed my own knowledge as a designer to create just the right look and interactivity that was required.

I also had to take into consideration that Steve wanted to update and maintain the site himself, so I had to build a site that matched the standard I set for myself as a designer, but also had an easy back-end functionality for maintenance for Steve to take over once I had finished.  I therefore decided on a mix of Flash programming, CSS and html.

And I’m really proud of and happy with the result.  And, I’m pleased to say, so is Steve.  And the feedback from visitors and Steve’s colleagues has been overwhelmingly positive.  So, I’m happy to share my latest foray into web development:



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