Lollapalooza is somewhere I want to go


I never thought I’d say it, but I think I’m prepared to travel to another country just to be part of a music festival.  Those who know me know that I’m more likely to spend an evening in a piano bar or enjoy watching an intimate performance in a small club or seeing an independent band in a pub, than attend a full-blown rock concert.  In fact, despite loving music and seeing bands live, the only major rock concert I’ve attended was Pink Floyd (I was 17) and the only music festival I’ve attended was The Big Day Out (and I was a member of the press for that one, so I don’t even know if that counts).

But there’s just something about Lollapalooza.

It could be that as I’m the designer for Kidzapalooza (the kids stage at Lollapalooza), I’ve been living, sleeping and breathing the festival for the past three days (well, as much as one can via the internet from a country on the other side of the world from where the action is happening) and, as a result working on Chicago time for the most part.  I’ve watched more bands (via live feeds and uploaded YouTube vids) in the past 72 hours than I have for the whole year, read more music reviews and articles than I care to admit to and looked at galleries of photos.  And it just seems like it’s far to much fun to not be a part of.

Here’s an example.  It’s now 6am over here.  I haven’t been to bed yet, as I’ve been updating the Kidzapalooza site with the latest press, reviews, etc and keeping tabs on their blog.  An hour ago I got an email from Tor (the Kidza organizer) to say that he was currently on stage (he’s also a musician) and that Perry Farrell (Lollapalooza founder) would be appearing on the Kidzapalooza stage with Slash (yes, THAT Slash) at 3.15pm Chicago time.

How mad is that?!  Now, THAT’S something I’d like to see.  I just hope someone’s got a video camera trained on the stage right now.  And that I get to see the footage.

With eight stages showcasing 130 performers over three days – it’s one major music event.  Radiohead closed Day 1 (Friday) and Rage Against The Machine closed out Day 2 (with a bit of a riot from what I’ve read in the various papers and blogs).  Tonight it’s Nine Inch Nails who could be causing a ruckus at Grant Park.  Not that I want to get caught up in all that craziness, but I just keep feeling like I’m missing out on something.

Apart from anything else, I’m hearing such good feedback about Kidzapalooza, I reckon I could spend the whole festival there and still get great value for money.  While the line up is predominately kid-friendly performers, headline acts have a habit of turning up for impromptu sets – just to be part of the great vibe at the Kidza stage.

So, if I’m not in Melbourne in August next year, it will be because I decided that the lure of Lolla is just too strong and I have packed my bags and departed for Chicago.

I think I’ll book my tickets now.

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