Random Aries thoughts and weddings

Nothing really to say today – just ramblings.  You’ve been warned.

I’m feeling like a bit of a twit right now.  Sometimes I’m convinced that one day I’m going to get caught out by my peers and they’ll realize that I’m not really a grown up, but actually a kid who’s sitting at the grown up’s table just pretending to be an adult.  A bit like when I was six and used to put on my mother’s high heels and jewelry and prance around the house announcing I was a “lady”.  But I was really a six year old slapping around in shoes about five sizes too big for her wearing costume jewelry.  And, for that matter, I don’t think I ever became a “lady”.

But I digress …

I just found out from a mutual acquaintance that a friend of mine is currently on vacation (as they say in the US).  Which would explain why he hasn’t really responded to my barrage of emails about a website I’m maintaining for him as well as the odd missive that is just blather.  (Okay, not “barrage” exactly, more like five).  That’s not why I feel like a twit, as such.  I feel like a twit because he told me he was taking vacation about now and I promptly forgot about it.  And bombarded him with emails.  When I know he needs this vacation desperately and the last thing he needs is a twit of an Aussie sending rambling messages that I’m sure he really doesn’t remotely care about right now (as he shouldn’t, because I know I wouldn’t in his position).

A minor thing, sure.  But I like to think that I’m improving with my consideration of others.  “Think” is the operative word there.  Sadly, due to my true Aries nature, that can be a battle sometimes.  As can me being a grown up.  Being of the sign that is the child of the zodiac and whose motto is “Me … me, me, me!!!” usually brings those good intentions of being sensible and considerate to a screaming halt when I’m not paying attention.

I know I’m probably harder on myself than others would be, and just by writing this post I’m proving my point about Aries’ being convinced that we’re … well … the center of the universe, but I really am trying to improve my general approach to others.  And this latest episode just made me feel … like a twit.

Moving on …

My brother gets married in two days time.  (How’s that for a total change of pace?).  He’s getting married in Melbourne in August in a park.  Now, for those who don’t live over here, you’re going to have no idea of the import of that statement.  But those of you who do will understand.  Basically, August here is Winter (with a capital “W”).  It rains.  It’s cold and the last thing any woman wants to be doing is walking through a park in high heels and evening wear.

But, that’s what I’ll be doing in about 36 hours (not to mention his bride-to-be, who is wearing ivory, which, I hate to point out – stains – so water, dirt and grass could be a very bad combination).  I’m sure it will be a lovely ceremony and I’m sure the rotunda will provide some protection from the weather, but I think I’ll be wearing a long dress to hide the gumboots I’ll be wearing and don a huge coat with big pockets to conceal the umbrella I’m pretty sure I’ll be needing.

I love my brother, don’t get me wrong, but I will not catch pneumonia for him.

It’s supposed to be raining on and off, possible high winds and the temperature will be between 12-14 degrees Celcius (that’s 53.6 – 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit, for our US readers).  Luckily the reception will be held inside – but also involve a 15km drive in peak hour traffic – as the restaurant/hotel is several suburbs away from the park.

Have I whinged enough yet?  See what I mean about Aries’ being convinced that we’re the centre of the universe?  It’s my brother’s wedding and all I can do is complain about … well … everything.

I will be taking my digital camera with me, so I’ll post some pictures over the weekend (bet you all can’t wait for that one!).  Let’s hope we don’t all look like drowned rats.

I know, I know … instead of being a total self-centered cow, I will throw out the thought to the universe that it will be beautifully sunny for the ceremony with only a light gentle breeze and everyone will look a million dollars and have a fabulous time.

*last line deleted because it undid all of the above good intentions*


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