Melbourne International Film Festival Round Up

Okay.  I’m misleading you a bit.  While there is a MIFF Round Up that I’d like to share – I didn’t write it.  I am dreadfully ashamed to say that I didn’t even make it to one session of MIFF this year.  Yes, I am a BAD Melbourne film industry member.  I’m slapping my wrist on your behalf as I type this.

However, thankfully for all, a friend of mine did go to MIFF this year.  In fact, he went to 58 SESSIONS of MIFF this year.  Which means he sat through 54 feature films and 4 short film programs!!!  Which, when you factor in that MIFF ran for 16 days, works out to average 3.6 films A DAY!!  That’s insane!!!  (Sorry, just got a bit overwhelmed with the idea of watching that much celluloid in just over a fortnight).

Anyway, he is now beginning to blog about his MIFF experience.  As he knows more about film and filmmakers than I’ll ever learn in a lifetime and writes in such a way that I continually laugh out loud when reading his work (and the fact that he actually went to MIFF this year and I didn’t, which is kinda important when reviewing the line up on offer), I will now share his experience with you, via his blog.

Click here to read “Thoroughly Miffed”, the epic MIFF posts from the blog Pulp Friction, written by The Slightly Illuminated Knight (love that name), which begins with “Prologue: There and back again …”


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