Michael Phelps and Bigfoot (not actually related)

Just a quick news roundup today …

Firstly, the Bigfoot discovery reported on Thursday last week is now (unsurprisingly) being called a hoax by just about everyone.  Particularly those who attended the much-hyped press conference in California on Friday.  No body was produced and the only DNA evidence came from an email from a scientist at the University of Minnesota who said of the three samples supplied to him: “one came back inconclusive, one contained traces of human DNA and one had traces of opossum DNA” (Sydney Morning Herald).

The “hunters” have claimed that an autopsy will be conducted by two Russian and one US scientist in the coming days and the only journalist who will be allowed to see the body will be from the Fox network sometime this week (no surprises there either).

Onto other news …

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and I suspect you would have heard this news even if you are), you’ll know that Michael Phelps has achieved what the US media hoped he would – eight gold medals in the one Olympic meet.  Of course two of those were gained through the additional work of his relay colleagues, so let’s not forget he didn’t do this all by himself (which, to his credit, he does point out as well).  But, needless to say, the media are only focusing on him and he can now expect to write his own ticket to endorsements and appearances for a very long time to come.  Good on him, but I do suggest that he choose his appearances carefully.  There’s only so much of the “appeal to the popular masses” type work that one person can do before their credibility begins to suffer  (as the above photo proves).

In Australian Olympic news, our boys and girls have done us proud in the pool (they have all swum brilliantly and we congratulate them for their swag of gold, silver and bronze).

And finally, speaking of our official coverage by Channel 7 and Yahoo 7 for the Games – showing that you cannot always believe the media, Yahoo 7 wrote an article about our greatest hope in the Women’s 100m hurdles, Sally McLean.  While I would love to have the honor of sharing a name with an Olympic athlete, there’s a slight problem, in that her name is actually Sally McLellan. (read her profile here).

The original article now seems to have disappeared from the site, but I thank Rebecca for drawing it to my attention.  Really folks, I know there are a lot of athletes to cover, but you could at least get their names correct!

I’m now off to prepare for my presenting duties for the “Hellboy 2:  The Golden Army” advance screening for Popcorn Taxi tonight (which is now sold out!).  So, for those attending – I’ll see you there.  For everyone else, undoubtedly speak again soon …

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