CafePress, Skreened and other POD stuff …

In light of the recent changes at CafePress (I’m not going to go into it in great detail here – suffice to say that there have been some changes over at CP headquarters in their commission structure, which means most of us CP Shopkeepers will be losing a sizable percent of our income from that quarter, which has caused a BIG ruckus and made many, many people very, VERY cross, but I digress … slightly), I have been exploring other POD’s with a view to diversifying (which many of my fellow POD-ers have been suggesting was a good idea for a long time now, but it took the crisis at CafePress to get me off my proverbial and actually DO something about it).

And so this post is about a fabulous POD I found (via PODforYOU) –

ShakespeareShoppe's Shakespeare Insults T-shirt
Shakespeare Shoppe's Shakespeare Insults T-shirt @ Skreened

I can’t speak highly enough about  And not just because they offer a bigger design area for their t-shirts (see my “Shakespeare Insults” design above), which I am so excited about I’m just about speechless (ok, that’s never going to happen, but you get what I mean), but also because they are an ethically motivated business who put their money where their mouth is.

Firstly, they are passionate about not using sweatshop labour – so all their shirts come from ethical providers who can prove that they are paying their people properly and providing good working conditions.  Secondly, they are truly an Environmentally friendly company, using water-based inks, sustainable and organic material t-shirts and minimal packaging when shipping to reduce waste.  And Thirdly – they support (as I do) a micro-loan organization who support entreprenuers around the world.

To find out more about‘s ethics, go here.

While I’ve only just joined the ranks, I can see a lot of potential with this company as they (and I) grow as a business.  No matter what, they are at least starting out with an appealing Point Of Difference and, as they’ve been doing this for over two years, have managed to stay the distance on their ethics so far – something I do not see changing in a hurry – for which I am most grateful in light of what’s been happening at CP.

Incognita's Drama Goddess T-shirt
Incognita's Drama Goddess T-shirt @ Skreened

Bravo Skreened!  I am truly enjoying building my shops – Incognita & Shakespeareshoppe – with you and look forward to a long, happy and profitable association!


Visit my stores for more info:

Incognita Store @ Skreened
Shakespeare Shoppe @ Skreened


Next time … my new adventures @ Zazzle

4 thoughts on “CafePress, Skreened and other POD stuff …

  1. I was quite disappointed by the changes made by Cafepress, but I guess it might be a good thing. I now have incentive to branch out, and expand.

  2. Recently CafePress began competing with the artists for whom it acts as printer and shipper.

    CafePress rents web shops to its artists. The artist creates a website page and manually loads the desired blank products. The artist imports his image onto each product, arranges the products on the page, describes the products, titles the products and tags the images.

    Initially, the artist would set a markup and received the markup for each product sold.

    However, recently CafePress began competing with its artists, using the artists’ own images. CafePress created a marketplace where a customer can search a keyword. That search brings up artist products. When the customer buys from the marketplace CafePress pays the artist 10% of the price CafePress set. Both the customer and the artist lose money. If the artist’s shop sells a t-shirt for $21, the artist makes $3.01. If the marketplace sells the same shirt for $25, the artist gets $2.50. The customer pays $4 more, and the artist gets $0.51 less.

    CafePress tells artists to “promote your own shop,” but CafePress buys Google adwords using the very image tags the artist provided.

    CafePress justifies this bait and switch of service terms by telling artists they can opt out if they don’t like the new terms; however, many have spent as much as 7 or 8 years creating as much as 88000 images.

    In spite of their sweat-equity, many shopkeepers (content providers) are building shops at other print-on-demand companies and then closing their CafePress shops due to the broken faith and trust, the financial hardship CafePress has delivered into so many lives, and the huge amount of time and dedicated effort all lost in the momentum of their own businesses. Would you keep your AMOCO station franchise if AMOCO built a company store across the street from you?

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