The Tonys via Twitter

2009 Tony Awards dress rehearsal courtesy of JaredEng
2009 Tony Awards dress rehearsal courtesy of JaredEng

It was almost like being there … between JaredEng (founder of JustJared) and E! Online – the tweets came thick and fast as yesterday’s Tony Awards’ dress rehearsal unfolded.  Here’s a sample of what was being shared:

JaredEng: “#Tonys They actually have people (non stars) fake accept awards and give speeches…hilarious!” Yep, it is hilarious – and not bad work for an actor who isn’t yet a star – I did the same thing for the AFI Awards here about ten years ago – certainly tests your stand-up comedian abilities.

E! Online: “#Tonys Jeff Daniels and James Gandolfini are worried about mispronouncing names. James can’t say “Blithe”” Oh dear, I guess that means James won’t be doing Shakespeare any time soon … or Noel Coward 😉

JaredEng: “Colin Hanks and Neil Patrick Harris’s first on-screen kiss (guess who) present. Will Ferrell presents Best Origina Score.” Okaaaay ….

E! Online: “#Tonys WEST SIDE STORY!” Says it all, really.

JaredEng: “The Naked Cowboy makes a cameo in one of the video montages!” Riiight … oh wait!  Is that the guy who busks around Times Square?!  Well, score one for the busking fraternity!

And so it went on … and seriously, it did make me want to watch the show.  Unfortunately, I don’t believe we’re getting any of it on free to air TV over here, so I’ll just have to trawl YouTube looking for highlights.

Of the two tweet feeds, I think I liked JaredEng’s more – there was a little more observation of celebrities, a dash of humour and a sense of fun. To finish this post, I’ll leave you with an example of why JaredEng won my vote for “Best Tweets from the Tony Awards’ Dress Rehearsal”:

JaredEng: “Liza Minnelli passed by. Some1 said “We love u, Liza!” She got applause & she said “I love u babies!. Her shirt says Dunks, Not Acid”

Brilliant.  No idea what that t-shirt meant, but brilliant.  Maybe she’d like one of these as well.

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