“Call Jason” Pt. 2

I have to say this made me laugh.  After writing my recent post about the current RACV ad, I wondered how long it would take someone to do this – and someone finally has.  Here, for your listening enjoyment is someone actually ringing the RACV to speak to Jason – you know, the guy taking the mick out of his fellow call center workers on the current RACV commercial?

As the YouTuber concerned put on his post: “So the advertisment says to call Jason. Let’s try it out!!!”.  I wonder how many of these calls they have got that haven’t been taped by the caller. LOL!

8 thoughts on ““Call Jason” Pt. 2

  1. Hey Sal – my Dad works for the RACV and he says they get calls for Jason on a daily basis. It might be good brand awareness, but I’m sure it drives the call centre staff insane to have yet another witty Joe Public ask for Jason.

  2. Hey you 😉

    I thought that might be the effect it was having – I wonder if they’ve added a new script for call centre staff titled “How to deal with calls for Jason”. LOL. We’ll know its a problem when we start seeing graffiti on those billboards saying “Please DON’T call Jason!!” 😉

  3. Really bad approach to advertising – it lacks both authenticity and comedy. If the ad was funny people might see it was an act. But it’s not, so I’m not surprised they get calls for the bloke. If they thought this thr they might put Jason on the automated phone system to welcome customers. (I’m pretty sure AAMi did this at some stage.)

    The sad part is some ad guys got paid buckets of cash for making this tripe.

  4. The funny thing about all of this is that Jason is actually an actor by the name of Nathan Strauss… and he does not work at RACV! LOL… Neither do any of the other call-centre employees, as they are all actors as well. They were chosen because of their anonymity and the fact that most of them had not done much television before.

    Nathan, or ‘Jason’ as everyone now calls him, played a drama teacher in the short-lived series ‘Postcards’.

    1. I guess I stated the already obvious and should have read the entire blog first! But to sum up my original post… I totally agree with Ringo in that RACV really should have paid Nathan to do a series of courtesy messages to screen customer calls just to add that touch of authenticity to the promotion as well as carry over the television commercial theme into the real RACV call centres.

      Nathan and the others did such a great job in giving the ads that authentic ‘feel’ that there are many people out there that actually do believe that RACV grabbed a bunch of real employees with talent and stuck them in front of a camera. So the ads did achieve the desired result and quite effectively too.

  5. Hey Alex, yes, “Jason” is played by Nathan Strauss – and the RACV ad starting appearing while he was filming one of the lead roles for my latest film – the new mockumentary “Why Must The Show Go On?”, which you can read all about in the blog post here: https://eatingthelotus.wordpress.com/2010/03/11/why-must-the-show-go-on/. Or you can just go to the official site here: http://www.wmtsgo.com. He’s a lovely guy and a VERY good actor as you’ve already pointed out 🙂

  6. I would like to know why the original Jason has been replaced… the stand-in is in make-up which never reaches the perfection of the original… no matter how hard you continue to try!

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