“Eating The Lotus” Makes “Blogs Of The Day” at WordPress

I was very happy to find out that Eating The Lotus has made the “Blogs of The Day” list at No. 40 on June 7, 2009 for Growing Blogs at WordPress!  And I’d like to thank all my readers for making this happen.  It’s great to know that the readership for this blog is steadily growing and gives me extra warm and fuzzy feelings that you actually are interested enough to also leave comments 🙂

We’ve jumped up the list from No. 57 (which was our placing in August last year), so I’m really pleased that Eating The Lotus continues to hold interest in this Wild, Wild Web of ours.

And in celebration, here is my collection of blogger t-shirts – just because I can 🙂

In my next couple of posts – “Zazzle: Is this the POD for you?” – where I’ll give you a run-down on my new adventures in Zazzle-land and some tips on how to maximize your use of Zazzle yourself, and “CafePress: Meet the REAL power behind the throne”.

Cheers ’til then!

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