Rumoured Doctor Who movie, Twitter gets legit and the Devil came down to … Latvia??

Selling your soul

Selling your soul in tough economic times … literally

If you ever thought that banks may be in league with the Devil, here’s your proof.  In a move that seems more fiction than reality, the Kontora loan company is currently offering loans to Latvian citizens with the only collatoral being their “immortal soul”.

The public face of Kontora, Viktor Mirosiichenko, said that the company would not employ debt collectors or employ any physical violence to get their money back should customers reneg on the deal, saying “… what can you do?  They won’t have a soul, that’s all.”

Borowers do not require credit history record or proof of employment. Loans of 50 to 500 Latvian lats ($100 to $1,000 US) will be granted to any adult after he or she signs the very short agreement.

Mirosiichenko said the company was loaning the money on trust. Sure. 500 Latvian lats is a small price to pay for someone’s soul, after all …

David Tennant as Doctor Who
David Tennant as Doctor Who

New Who Movie??

In other (non-related) news, David Tennant is rumoured to be slated to play the lead in an as yet un-named Doctor Who feature film.

According to the Airlock Alpha site, while this may all be pure rumour, creator of the latest Doctor Who series, Russell T Davis, has said that he is working on a special project, and separate sources confirm that Tennant is also attached to an “unidentified sci-fi project”.

Further to that, word is circulating that if a Doctor Who movie is going ahead, it could be announced as soon as July 23 at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con.

However, fans of the show will remember the “keeping us in suspense” tactics employed by the Doctor Who team when we were all on tenderhooks waiting to hear the announcement of who would be the new Doctor (Matt Smith) earlier this year, so don’t expect that we’ll know what’s really going on with this movie project any time soon …

(of course, this news is much more welcome than the confirmed news that Tennant is playing the villain in the next St Trinian’s installment, which is currently filming in London … not sure how we feel about that one).

Twitter now means something …

It has been announced that Twitter has finally achieved respectibility in the academic world with the popular social site being included in the next edition of the Collins English Dictionary.

It will be included in the tome as a noun and a verb – ie. The noun entry will read: “twitter: a website where people can post short messages about their current activities” and under verb it will read: “to twitter: to write short messages on the Twitter website”.

In addition to Twitter, the words “Twitterati” (users of Twitter) and “Twitterverse” (the website and its users) will also be included.

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