Insult the Shakespearean way @ Skreened

Still loving Skreened! Ethically responsible, let you set your own profit margin AND extra printing room on their tees and bags.  LOVE Skreened!

For those who’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I’ve been busy adding new designs to The Shakespeare Shoppe @ Skreened – and here are three more!

Cymbeline Worms Insult (B&W)
Cymbeline Worms Insult (B&W)
As You Like It Strangers Insult (B&W)
As You Like It Strangers Insult (B&W)
Henry IV Hellfire Insult (B&W)
Henry IV Hellfire Insult (B&W)

Skreened have introduced “Categories” to their shops now as well, which makes it easier for shopkeepers to organize their shops into some kind of order.  All of these t-shirts are now in the “Shakespeare Insults” section, with the other two categories (for now) being “Shakespeare Folio Covers” and “Shakespeare Quotes” (more will be getting added as I get time to add new designs there).

I’ve also opened a new shop @ Skreened – PhotoDaze. This shop is a bunch of designs, quotes, etc for photographers.  Both shops are still having designs added to them, but here are a few from PhotoDaze as well:

Silent Photography Quote
Silent Photography Quote T-shirt
Treasury of Memories Quote
Treasury of Memories Quote Tote Bag
Photographer Montage T-shirt
Photographer Montage T-shirt

So, I now have three shops – The Shakespeare Shoppe (for lovers of Shakespeare), PhotoDaze (for photographers) and Incognita Store (for actors, writers, directors and all showbiz folk) @ Skreened – and still loving working with the team there!

I would like to thank Daniel and the team @ Skreened for their continuing hard work on providing a great service and for being so open to talking with their shopkeeper community.  They’re setting a great example in client/business relations for all POD’s 🙂

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