Another closing – another show …

Tony Rive & Hugh Sexton during a performance of the Australian Shakespeare Company's "The Comedy of Errors". Photo by Sally McLean

And so the closing of another show looms.  This will be a short post as I have to leave for the theatre in just over half an hour to perform “The Comedy of Errors” for the last time (for this season anyway), but I felt that the occasion of the closing of the current ASC show should be marked in some way.

I will write a fuller post tomorrow, my “love letter to a show”, if you like – but for now I just wanted to say thank you.  Thank you to the fantastic cast, fabulous crew, wonderful director and brilliant audiences who have made my latest foray into live performance such a joy.  Thanks must also go to the lovely staff at the Athenaeum Theatre who look after us so well after each show – and put up with various requests – the most common being to have dressing room doors unlocked to retrieve forgotten bags once the bar has closed!

And so, to quote Henry V – “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more”. It is our last night. In just over two hours we will don our marvelous latex masks, wild wigs and elaborate costumes and enter the mad world of Ephesus for one last time (for the foreseeable future).

It’s been a wild ride – and a hilarious one.  And I’ll miss it.

I’ll write more tomorrow …

2 thoughts on “Another closing – another show …

  1. Loved the show despite missing some of the dialogue. Not used to Shakespeare speak but still found it so funny. Loved the costumes too. We didn’t know what to expect and were very agreeably surprised by the professionalism and the agility of the actors.

  2. Hi Sally read your blog so true it was an hilarious journey and so much fun. Great working with you and must get together soon.

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