The Shakespeare Shoppe Re-Vamped … Again …


Due to popular demand (ie – you asked for it), The Shakespeare Shoppe has undergone a design revamp and is now “New and improved!” as they say on the telly.

It might not look too much different from the front, but trust me, the back-end programming is wearing a whole new ensemble, including snazzy new bonnet and fancy expensive knickers – to use a somewhat dubious analogy.

It’s been a long haul, overhauling the site – but it is now done (for now).  So, what are the changes?

The biggest change you’ll notice is the navigation.  I had many requests to sort the store out via product, rather than design and so … your wish(es) is my command.  You will see that you can now click on the links at the top (and bottom) of the site and be taken straight to all the products available in each product type and then see what designs are available on each type of item.  So, if you just want to see our Women’s Dark T-shirts – you’ll go to “Women’s Apparel” at the top of the site, then click “Dark T-shirts” on the drop down menu – and viola!  There are all our Dark T-shirts with their individual designs available for you to browse.

You can still check things out via Subject – just look to the sidebar on the main store pages and you’ll see “Shop by Subject” and a (short) list of subjects underneath.  Click on any of these (for example “All Shakespeare T-shirts & Gifts” and you’ll see all the designs we stock relating to Shakespeare. Click on any of those designs and you’ll see all the products we stock featuring that design.

I’m always open to feedback (obviously), so if you have any comments or further suggestions, just leave a comment here.

There are lots more exciting things happening – so stay tuned for further updates!

Until the next update – yours in a caffeine induced haze,



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