The Shakespeare Shoppe now on Ebay – with handbags!

The Shakespeare Shoppe On Ebay
The Shakespeare Shoppe On Ebay

We are very excited to announce that The Shakespeare Shoppe is now on Ebay!  AND … we’re selling a new range of products, exclusive to our Ebay store (ie – you’ll only get them on Ebay – they are not available here on our main site).

We are predominately selling leather handbags featuring some of our most popular Shakespeare designs, which we know you’ll love (as we do – Sally has had to be restrained from buying any more of her own stock, otherwise she will have nothing left to sell!).

These products are all manufactured in our warehouse in Hong Kong and then sent out to you as soon as they are printed and packaged.   And we do have more than handbags available.   There are high-quality chrome metal keyrings and iPhone4 Hard Cases also on offer, with cufflinks, playing cards, cushion cases, jigsaw puzzles, clocks and watches to come.

You’ll also see that we are selling more than Shakespeare themed products on our Ebay site as well.  As we run several stores online (all entertainment or literature related), we have included some of our Alice In Wonderland designs, as well as our Actor designs and some of Sally’s photo collage artwork.


Shakespeare Gold Crest Classic Leather Handbag
Shakespeare Gold Crest Classic Leather Handbag

We are particularly excited about the Photo collage work – and are working towards making all of those designs available over the coming weeks on as wide a range of products as possible.

And we will keep adding the Shakespeare-related designs – so let us know if there’s something you’d like to see on a handbag or pair of cufflinks, and we’ll get right onto it!

The selection of products is slowly growing, with more products added each week, and we’ll keep you updated via this blog and our Twitter and Facebook feeds – so make sure you keep an eye on our updates to find out what’s new!


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