NEW! Macbeth Wicked Quote Oversized Leather Handbag – now available!

Shakespeare Macbeth Witches Quote Leather Oversize Office Handbag
Shakespeare Macbeth Witches Quote Leather Oversize Office Handbag

For those who have been following our updates, you’ll know that we recently opened a store featuring exclusive gear from The Shakespeare Shoppe on Ebay.  Well, our product and design offerings are slowly increasing and here’s the latest to be added to the fold!

This oversize office leather handbag features (on both sides of the bag) the quote by William Shakespeare: “By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes” said by the Witches in Macbeth. A stylish design featuring this famous quote using a carnivale/theater mask with flourishes for the person who is inspired by the classics, this artwork is exclusive to The Shakespeare Shoppe, designed by Sally McLean.

Plus – this unique artwork appears on both sides of the bag, which means you can show it off wherever you are and truly stand out from the crowd!

Large enough to house a 15” laptop and your regular files from work, the bag is also able to incorporate other vital items such as makeup and magazines. Perfect for any Shakespeare fan, this bag will add a touch of uniqueness to your Arts-related fashion collection and is sturdy, of good quality and stylish to boot!

Okay, so enough sales pitch from us … like it?  Then click HERE to see it, read more about it and buy it!  (Go on, you know you want to … 😉

We’ll keep you updated with new items, hot items and just items that take our fancy as things progress.

‘Till next time … may all your accessories have a Shakespearean bent …

The Shakespeare Shoppe Team
Now on Ebay! (in case you missed it)


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