I’ve just been to the dentist aka “There is no way to escape the Olympics”

You may have gathered that I’ve just been to the dentist.  Which I have.  And got a filling.  Which is by itself not newsworthy (although those dear readers who have been keeping up with this blog will know all about my wisdom teeth drama almost exactly a year ago, which is why it is most definitely not on my list of favourite things to do).

But no, that is not really the main subject of this post.  Although it is the catalyst that caused this post to be written.  And the event that caused this post to be written was the realization that right now, there is no way to escape the Olympics.  Not for me, at least.

I get in the car – and am regaled by commentary of (I think) the Women’s Water Polo match on the radio.  I go to the dentist – the Women’s Gymnastics are on the television in the waiting area.  I get into the chair and am almost grateful that I’m there, because it means I don’t have to hear or see anything remotely to do with Medal Tallies or how our swimmers are doing in the pool or hear rude remarks about Togo winning a Bronze medal and “does anyone even know where that country is?” (It’s in Africa, you smarmy, condescending idiots!) or inane comments about how all our gold medallists are such “normal girls/boys from ‘insert name of any small Australian town here'” and how great it is that they’re setting such an inspirational example for the youth of our nation.  (Yeah, they are, but they’re not normal – not just anyone becomes an Olympian – it takes years of hard work and commitment to get there in the first place – and that goes for ANY Olympian, not just the medallists).

It might seem strange for the daughter of an Olympian to be spouting these thoughts. Continue reading “I’ve just been to the dentist aka “There is no way to escape the Olympics””

Halloween is coming, that’s a given …

… if my week is anything to go by.

I’m not really complaining, but it’s been a strange few days, full of miscommunication and crossed wires.

And it’s not just me suffering whatever effects the planets are dealing out right now. Peter Costello (our current Federal Treasurer, who really wants to be PM, but that’s another – and very old – story), had a major slip of the tongue yesterday during Parliment Question Time when he announced that it would be the last Question Time before the election. He quickly corrected himself, stating that it COULD be, but, by then, the black cat was out of the bag. Continue reading “Halloween is coming, that’s a given …”

Pitching for Success – how to create a successful pitch for your movie


Only a quick post today … I have a STACK of web design work that I’m WAAAY behind on due to various reasons (see previous blogs for details).

A quick Oz political wrap up for today:

APEC is finally over and the so-called decision reached on climate change was, according to Bob Brown, leader of the Greens, “just hot air” (which I sadly agree with – they had the chance to do something truly useful and blew it, ‘scuse the pun, once again). See the ABC’s report here.

And what was with those Drizabone outfits!?!? One fashion commentator said it left our world leaders “looking like something washed up from an estuary.” LOL. See a photo and article here (courtesy of Inquirer.net) Continue reading “Pitching for Success – how to create a successful pitch for your movie”

Confused Bush lost for words in “Austria”

Oops, he did it again.

President George W. Bush thanked his “Austrian” hosts and expressed his enjoyment of being at the OPEC summit in Sydney yesterday. Of course, he’s in Australia and it’s the APEC summit, but what’s a few mis-pronounced names between friends?

It gave us a few laughs to follow the stunt pulled by The Chasers on Thursday (which they followed up, by the way, with another stunt yesterday – running around Sydney in cardboard box cars with Canadian flags affixed – of course, they were stopped by the police within two minutes, searched with sniffer dogs and told to go away. I can’t wait to see the show next Wednesday night!), which gave enormous relief from the public love-fest between Howard and Bush (which continues even now – Enough boys already!! We get it – you’re mates. While you might think that’s great, we don’t care!! And people are starting to talk!!). Continue reading “Confused Bush lost for words in “Austria””