Brand Power

While I’m on the subject of past articles, here’s one that may be of use to those of you establishing a business right now.  This was written during my tenure as Content Co-ordinator for the Multimedia Internet Network, during which time I was responsible for, amongst other things, writing articles about business, marketing, etc for start ups.  While it was written a few years ago, I think it’s still relevant.


Brand Power
Multimedia Internet Network (min)
September 2001
by Sally McLean

What’s in a name? Almost as much as is in an image, if the modern world is any indication. Everywhere we turn we see a brand. Just looking around my desk I can see Marbig, Intel, Samsung, Pilot – on the way to work I will have seen a hundred others on bus stops, public transport, billboards and buildings (well, I do drive for an hour to the office!). I’m sure that if some of us look in our wardrobes, we’ll find at least a couple of brands visible on our clothing (most likely on the odd hat or t-shirt – I know I have a min t-shirt in the second drawer of my dressing table). Wearing or using a brand product lets the consumer claim their own little piece of your company’s image (and gives you great free publicity).

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ORBiting Down Under

Going through all my old writing files, I found an article I was commissioned to write for The Buzz music magazine in 1997 (back in the day when I was a music reviewer/journalist – yep, I did that too), which I thought was worth sharing here – mainly because it was one of the biggest interviews I did in my early career and it was with Andy Hughes of UK group, The Orb, whom I’m somewhat a fan of. So, here it is again for your reading pleasure …

ORBiting Down Under
November 1997 (Feature Article, The Buzz Magazine – Melbourne)
By Sally McLean

The Orb are due in Oz with their complete “bells and whistles” show for Melbourne’s Starbate Festival. The Buzz’s Features’ writer, Sally McLean, got into a long-distance téte a téte with band member, Andy Hughes, to find out what makes this ground-breaking group tick.

The Orb. Satirical, quirky, philosophical, space-age, avant-garde, neo-classical, irreverent, (insert any descriptive verb you like here) and remarkably, very funny. Having swept the UK and USA by storm, UK club music pioneers, The Orb, are about to hit Aussie shores, appearing in Melbourne at the Starbate Festival in January, with a show that promises to be an experience of epic proportions.

I had a chat with band member, Andy Hughes, in an laugh-a-minute phone call, about their impending visit. “We’re touring Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, everywhere, something like 5 shows in 12 days, which I’m really looking forward to, as this is our first tour of Oz. Alex (Paterson – core member) was out there DJ-ing a couple of times this year, but it’s the first time for me.”
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