The BAFTAS and other London stuff …

Sally McLeanApologies for the long silence! Well, where do I start???

Okay, the BAFTAS. It was wild and a blast. Walking the red carpet was very cool – made more so as we did it while Daniel Craig, Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren and Michael Sheen were doing the same thing. The only thing I can compare it to, volume-wise, is the MCG on Grand Final Day – the noise from screaming fans was overwhelming, matched only by the noise from the photographers at the other end.

(Sir Ian McKellen was also on the carpet at the same time, but apparently he was helping Ruby Wax do her interviews, so we didn’t realise he was there until we’d walked a fair way past.) Continue reading “The BAFTAS and other London stuff …”

Landed in London in one piece – tonight the BAFTAS!

Sally McLeanWell, arrived in London yesterday, no worse for wear (although the plane trip was a little exhausting – being in the air for 23 hours will do that to you!)

Was met at the airport by my lovely friend Claire, who lives in a lovely part of London, and took very good care of me as I proceeded to tend to my swollen ankles and weird “the walls are moving” kind of jetlag, while trying to stay awake and get on UK time.

But that was yesterday and today – it’s the BAFTAS! Continue reading “Landed in London in one piece – tonight the BAFTAS!”

BAFTA dress decided on … nearly, and friends of the red-head & real variety

Sally McLeanYes, the dress debate continues, but I’m now down to two choices – the gun metal grey and a black number (same style, more simple). Thanks to AMY for her helpful suggestions on where else to get inspiration … once I’m back from my passport appointment tomorrow, I’ll definitely follow up on those! And thanks, Amy, for the offer of a shopping buddy while I’m over there. My schedule is pretty hectic, and still being shifted around, but once I get clear on what I’m doing each day, I’ll see if I can create a gap to at least catch up and have a coffee! It would be lovely to meet you in person! Continue reading “BAFTA dress decided on … nearly, and friends of the red-head & real variety”

Off to the BAFTAs, a thank you and welcoming

Sally McLeanWell, what a week it’s been! Busy with work (as you may have already got from the previous blog), then the really exciting news came that I’ve been invited to attend this year’s BAFTA FILM AWARDS in London on February 11! Needless to say, a scramble then occured to get airline tickets booked, find my passport and then – the truly difficult thing – decide what dress to wear. Continue reading “Off to the BAFTAs, a thank you and welcoming”