Come sell with me – advice for Affiliates

Keeping in the theme of articles written a while ago, but still relevant, here’s another one from my time at the Multimedia Internet Network.

Come Sell With Me – Advice for Affiliates
The Multimedia Internet Network (min)
November 2001
by Sally McLean

You’ve been looking around the Internet and you’ve decided to open an affiliate store. You’ve seen plenty of other sites doing it, and they seem to be doing okay. So, you stock your store with every affiliate program you’ve ever come across on the Net, have all the flashing banners, ads and specials displayed proudly for all to see and now all you have to do is throw open your virtual doors for the flood of customers that will now rush in to buy these products from you. Right?

Well … not exactly. In the case of affiliate programs, as with many other things in life, it’s a case of planning, strategy, savvy and an emphasis on quality, not quantity.

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Brand Power

While I’m on the subject of past articles, here’s one that may be of use to those of you establishing a business right now.  This was written during my tenure as Content Co-ordinator for the Multimedia Internet Network, during which time I was responsible for, amongst other things, writing articles about business, marketing, etc for start ups.  While it was written a few years ago, I think it’s still relevant.


Brand Power
Multimedia Internet Network (min)
September 2001
by Sally McLean

What’s in a name? Almost as much as is in an image, if the modern world is any indication. Everywhere we turn we see a brand. Just looking around my desk I can see Marbig, Intel, Samsung, Pilot – on the way to work I will have seen a hundred others on bus stops, public transport, billboards and buildings (well, I do drive for an hour to the office!). I’m sure that if some of us look in our wardrobes, we’ll find at least a couple of brands visible on our clothing (most likely on the odd hat or t-shirt – I know I have a min t-shirt in the second drawer of my dressing table). Wearing or using a brand product lets the consumer claim their own little piece of your company’s image (and gives you great free publicity).

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