Latest web design update

The Incognita machine continues on it’s merry way with the lastest client to enter our stable – Jambo – real roots music for kids (this makes web client No. 45!)

Who are Jambo?  Jambo is a musical journey that transports you though the roots of American music. One part Mississippi Delta, one part New Orleans street corner, and one part Chicago juke joint, JAMBO is all parts fun. The songs speak to children’s imaginations. They are about growing up, sharing, and the inclusion of all children. They promote self-esteem, independence, and celebrateindividuality. And, of course, some are just about dancing and having fun.

Based in Los Angeles, USA, Jambo consists of “Blues Head” frontman, Steve Pierson (Vocals, Guitar, Slide Guitar), Melinda Leigh (Vocals and Assorted Knick Knacks), Steve “Big Daddy Blue” Gregan (Guitar and Vocals), Mike the Murph (Keyboards), Philip Bynoe (Bass Guitar), Gary Mallaber (Drums) and David Leach (Percussion).

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Kidzapalooza update

For those who have been keeping up with this blog, you’ll know that I have a bit of a vested interest in the upcoming Kidzapalooza Festival in Chicago, USA (the family friendly version of the famous Lollapalooza rock festival, created by Perry Farrell and Tor Hyams), due to my being the Kidzapalooza web designer.

Now that I have that disclaimer out of the way, here’s a reminder for those who are going to be in the Chicago area over the next week or so – Kidzapalooza kicks off on August 1st and runs to August 3rd and it’s going to be an absolute blast!  They’ve got a great line up to entertain the kids (and their parents) including The Paul Green School Of Rock AllStars, Tiny Masters of Today, The Jimmies, Suzy Brack & the New Jack Lords and more.  They’ve also got some other special guest appearances from G Love, Perry Farrell, Jeff Tweedy, Rogue Wave and The John Butler Trio – who are going to perform some kiddie-friendly sets during their breaks from the Lollapalooza stage.

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ORBiting Down Under

Going through all my old writing files, I found an article I was commissioned to write for The Buzz music magazine in 1997 (back in the day when I was a music reviewer/journalist – yep, I did that too), which I thought was worth sharing here – mainly because it was one of the biggest interviews I did in my early career and it was with Andy Hughes of UK group, The Orb, whom I’m somewhat a fan of. So, here it is again for your reading pleasure …

ORBiting Down Under
November 1997 (Feature Article, The Buzz Magazine – Melbourne)
By Sally McLean

The Orb are due in Oz with their complete “bells and whistles” show for Melbourne’s Starbate Festival. The Buzz’s Features’ writer, Sally McLean, got into a long-distance téte a téte with band member, Andy Hughes, to find out what makes this ground-breaking group tick.

The Orb. Satirical, quirky, philosophical, space-age, avant-garde, neo-classical, irreverent, (insert any descriptive verb you like here) and remarkably, very funny. Having swept the UK and USA by storm, UK club music pioneers, The Orb, are about to hit Aussie shores, appearing in Melbourne at the Starbate Festival in January, with a show that promises to be an experience of epic proportions.

I had a chat with band member, Andy Hughes, in an laugh-a-minute phone call, about their impending visit. “We’re touring Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, everywhere, something like 5 shows in 12 days, which I’m really looking forward to, as this is our first tour of Oz. Alex (Paterson – core member) was out there DJ-ing a couple of times this year, but it’s the first time for me.”
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