Photography, technology and witchcraft

Sally McLeanToday has been (as the nice lady I spent an hour on the phone to at Telstra – our main telco here in Oz – put it) “like a full moon day”. And she’s not wrong. Mis-communication, fiddly details that seemed to take forever to sort out and difficulties with just about every communication device I have – which is quite a few.

But, as a burnt sienna half moon rises above the trees in my back garden (made that colour from the smoke of the bushfires currently burning about 20km away – please God, let everyone be safe who is dealing with those fires), I realise that it must not be the little star that orbits our planet causing all the trouble, but indeed, something else entirely different. Like maybe one or more of the rocks zipping around our solar system and aligning in a non-friendly way, perhaps? Whatever it is, I’d like it to stop now, as I’ve had enough of the dramas and near-disasters. Continue reading “Photography, technology and witchcraft”

Late nights, web sites and … chocolate

Sally McLeanOkay, this is the last time I stay up all night – best to not write here while in a hallucinogenic state, brought on by lack of sleep. But I would like to take a moment to thank all those who have visited my MySpace profile (which you can find at, sent me messages and been so welcoming. In particular, Amy, Denny, Liz and Kaz, who have all been so fantastic. We have a previous association through my work on Alan Fletcher’s site, and they’re all so generous, supportive and friendly – so thank you guys!

On that particular subject, thank you also to all those who’ve written to me to compliment Alan’s new Fanzone design – I’m really glad you all like it so much! It means a lot. And it’s great to see that Fletch has got through to Round Three of SoapStar Superstar on ITV1! Go Fletch! Really glad to see he’s doing so well – but then, it’s no great surprise! (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then visit his FANZONE to get all the info). And for those of you in the UK reading this – vote for Alan! (That’s him on the right performing at one of his gigs with his band “Waiting Room” last November in the UK). Continue reading “Late nights, web sites and … chocolate”

Fanzones, internet sitcoms and UK stand up comics

Sally McLeanWell, it’s the fifth day of the new year already (here in Australia anyway) and I’m still typing “2006” when entering dates. It’s a ritual that I go through every year and it takes me about ten days to stop using the old and bring in the new. So, I may be another year into my life, but it’s nice to know that some things don’t change.

It’s been a hectic start to the New Year – from an acting perspective I’ve been preparing for a role in an Internet sitcom (details are under wraps until it’s launch later this year), learning lines and all that, which has had to be done in-between putting together Alan Fletcher’s new Fanzone in time for his debut on Soapstar Superstar, which starts on ITV1 tonight (UK time) at 8.30pm. (For any Americans reading this – Alan plays “Dr Karl Kennedy” on the Australian soap Neighbours as well as fronting the band “Waiting Room” – check out his profile here – that’s him pictured here on the right). Continue reading “Fanzones, internet sitcoms and UK stand up comics”

Finding inspiration …

I’ve just come in from sitting on a breakwater on a secluded beach 10 minutes from my home. I find the sea an absolute inspiration to live near. Whenever I’m stuck with a script, or need the space to mull over some ideas, I’ll go and stare at the sea. Honestly, I can’t live too far from the shoreline or it screws around with my creativity. I tried it when living in London, but staring at a little sandy alcove nestled on the banks of the Thames near London Bridge just didn’t have the same impact as standing on Mt Martha beach and seeing the bay stretch to the horizon. (Funny, that!) Continue reading “Finding inspiration …”